Helping charities and creating new standards of excellence for corporate golf.


When marathon golfer Gary Dawson first thought of starting a Corporate Golf Company he had two fundamental objectives. First and foremost Gary wanted to continue his passionate support of Australian Charities. Secondly, Gary wanted to provide the Corporate Golfing community with a new standard of excellence for Corporate Golfing products and Corporate Golf event management. “Corporate golf hasn’t really changed in years. I knew that if things were done more professionally, businesses could get a better return for their investment. So I started the company to do it” Gary says.

So why Bullant? “I was playing golf one day in regional NSW and was bitten on the backside by a big bull ant. I thought what a cheeky bugger he was for risking his life just to give me a bite. I was a bit annoyed but I also admired his spirit. It struck me that there’s nothing more Aussie than a bloody bull ant” Gary says with a smile.

Ask Gary how Bullant Sports can achieve new levels of excellence,
here’s what he’ll say. “If a company pays to put its logo on a Bullant product or its name to a Bullant event, then that product or event has to be worthy of carrying our client’s logo. Our products are designed to look really good and they are only made from the best materials.
Our events are run professionally because we only have golf event professionals run them.”

Gary’s amazing fundraising efforts continue through Bullant Sports. With every purchase of a Bullant product or Bullant event, Gary is able to commit a significant amount to Bullant Sports' chosen charities.
“It’s nice to think that when someone hits off with a Bullant ball or puts on a Bullant hat, they have already done something special for somebody in need”.

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